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Watawala Lassana translates from Sinhala to mean ‘the beauty of Watawala’. A world away from busy city life, it is a tranquil space to relax and unwind. The bungalow is on a hilltop, nestled among the “Misty Ranges” of Watawala, showcasing its scenic beauty and neighbouring suburbs. It is the sole bungalow on the hilltop, offering a truly private and peaceful holiday. Our guests enjoy uninterrupted views of the surrounding lush green landscape, from numerous viewing decks. Located approximately 1200 m above sea level, we are high up in the hill country of beautiful Sri Lanka, enjoying a very cool and pleasant climate. The bungalow can accommodate up to 15 guests. Our friendly service staff are available on call, to cater to your needs, and ensure a smooth and memorable holiday.